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Las Vegas Medicare Options

If you’re in Las Vegas and currently a Medicare subscriber, James Disabato and his team can help you get the most out of your Las Vegas Medicare options. We offer a variety of Las Vegas Medicare options, advantage and prescriptions plans to help ensure that you have the coverage you need in order to stay healthy and receive the treatment you need. We also offer dental and vision plans for seniors in order to maintain and improve your overall health and wellness.

Las Vegas Medicare Options

Medicare Advantage Programs

These are sometimes referred to as "Part C". These are private companies that combine your medicare and prescriptions all on one card.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare will pay 80% of your medical expenses and supplement plans will take care of the other 20%. RX/prescription plans must be purchased separately.

Dental and Vision Plans 

Dental and Vision Plans Medicare recipients often do not have any coverage for dental and vision care. Because healthy teeth and eyes are essential to overall health, we offer dental and vision insurance plans at competitive rates.

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